As a team, we achieve better results by making each other feel valued as an individual and as a key element of them. It is important to appreciate and celebrate each other, to help everyone realize we are all an integral part of the company.


Employee Well-being

We are constantly renovating and improving our infrastructure, and accompany every project with talks about self-improvement, shared responsibilities and goals. We try to improve employee morale by taking on actions and projects to increase the quality of life of our collaborators and the community. Included within our care of our employees is the company’s policy of “No Tolerance for Child Labor”.



We aim for all our collaborators and their families to have good health and well-being. With this in mind, we offer talks and doctor visits to address specific health issues, according to our employee’s needs.


Respect for the environment

Our responsibility goes beyond our surroundings. We take care of our environment in every step we impact of the value chain, including water treatment, zero waste policy, and continuous replanting of trees.  It is in the company's core to take care of our planet.

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